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Infrared Laser Beam Sensor For Perimeter Protection And Intrusion Detection Ir Beam Detector

1.The Active Infrared Beam Detectors utilize invisible Infrared barriers to detect the intrusion. It has long detection/guarding range, low-cost, high-quality, and installation-friendly features.

2.Our beam detectors adopt 8-channel frequency design to avoid IR interference between different beams, this can greatly reduce the false alarm rate to offer you accurate motion detection.

3.These photoelectric beam detectors have N.O. and N.C. alarm output, can work with difference systems through reliable wired connection. It’s the ideal security detectors for your intrusion alarm system, access control system, IP surveillance system and home automation system.



  1. 3 beams active infrared detector: can reduce the false alarms that are caused by bird, pet leaf…etc.
  2. Selectable frequency 8 channels: Stacking, Straight line, Square or other various applications are allowed.
    3. LED display signal grade for easy alignment.
    4. Adopt digital DIP technology, frequency, sensitivity, indicator and operation power can be adjusted through DIP switches.
    5. Special-purpose DSP chip, patent multidimensional fault-tolerant, true detection alarm technology.
    6. NC/NO relay outputs, compatible with other brand alarm systems like Honeywell, Bosch, Paradox, DSC, GE Alef, HONEYWELL etc.
  3. Anti-glare up to 50,000 LUX, built-in automatic adjustment strong light filtering system.
  4. AGC circuit: when faced with fog or inclement weather,t he detector sensitivity will increase automatically.
    9. Fully seal structure, with rain cover design, C relay output.
  5. External Protection: Protection from rain, dust & insects.
    11. Sniper viewfinder with x2 magnification
  6. Horizontal ±90° / vertical ±10° optical angle can be easy to adjust.




Model ABT-40F ABT-60F ABT-80F ABT-100F
Detection Range Outdoor 40m 60m 80m 100m
Indoor 120m 180m 240m 300m
Maximum Arrival Distance 250m 350m 500m 600m
Number of beams 2 beams
Detection Method Simultaneous blocking of 2 infrared beams
Interruption Time 50msec, 150msec,300msec,500msec (selectable)
Beam frequency 8 channel selectable
Power Supply DC10~36V;  AC8~24V
Current Consumption 50mA max 50mA max 55mA max 55mA max
LED Red LED Alarm(receiver), Digtal LED Display
Alarm Output Form C, Contact capacity: AC / DC30V, 0.5A or less
Tamper Switch N.C., open when cover is removed
Fault Alarm(optional) N.C Fault Output when the signal is incompetent
Operating Temperature -25℃ to +55℃
Environment Humidity 95% max
Alignment Angle Horizontal 180°(±90°), Vertical 20°(±10°)
Mounting Wall or Pole
Protection Degree IP65
Material PC engineering plastic
Dimension (L*W*H) 220*80*75mm
Weight (Transimtter and Receiver) 900g
Attachments U bracket 2pcs, 70.4*37.5*21.5mm, δ=1.5mm, stainless steel
Pole mounting srew Pole mounting screws: 4pcs, PM4*30mm

Wall mounting screws: 4pcs, PM4*25mm

Installation manual 1
Spiral Terminal Dedew and Defrost Method Heaters(need to purchase separately)
Note: When environment termperature lower than -20℃, please use heaters to ensure normal working. Heater is non-polarized.


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